Tuesday 27 September 2016

Dealing with a post op 4 year old

So its been a week since we have been home from our busy weekend hospital hopping!!!
And what a week...i can honestly say she has almost broken me.

Tonight i sit counting the minutes until wine o clock, rocking slightly in the corner!!  The only light being she can go to school tomorrow.
So why you ask, let me tell you.
Firstly all the attention in hospital which undoubtedly she deserved kinda created a monster!!! A bigger diva than even i thought possible!!! I have had numerous heart stopping moments when an almighty scream rings out, rushing to her side expecting her wound to be pumping out blood or something equally gross but no....her juice isn't strong enough, the blanket isn't straight, i breathed too loud from the next room!!!
So it goes on, and by now you would never know we had had surgery as she is climbing, jumping bouncing on any thing and everything including mum's head, and it really didn't go down well when asked her not to, how unreasonable of me to not play trampoline. Bad mummy!!
And then there's sleep.... Please mummy can i sleep with you, of course she has had a rough time so not going to say no.....how I wish i had...we had to have books, friends and of course practice every bloody sleep position possible......

So by Mon we have so much pent up energy from being home and the almost wasted efforts of mum in keeping activity levels low...we are bouncing off the walls with little chance of any come down, my hair is a little greyer and i am sick of the sound of my own voice.
Today i find the eldests birthday card and money in the bin!! Not even a sorry just a smug ye that was me grin!!!
I planned a girlie lunch with friends...even three of us couldn't cope with her!!!
On a trip to the toilet i find the toilet roll shred into a million pieces all over my floor, jeez it must of been a world record as she was only in there a minute!!!
And then there was the school run to pick up the eldest...that just about finished me off for today... She was on a mission to go against everything I said, with a sadistic laugh to go with it.....
My food is disgusting....life is sooo unfair, why should she have to sit to a table to eat....
So now i face bedtime a double edged sword...wine time in sight but the hardest battle to face...wish me luck ill see you on the other side...