Sunday 2 October 2016

My favourite pictures

How often do we print out or look back on our photos? Last night I went back through my old Facebook photos as I was looking for a specific picture. As I had to go quite far back I scanned through a lot of pictures I had forgotten I had taken, photos that bought back memories of special occasions and emotions, I then spent the rest of evening looking further back than I needed.

When we see peoples uploads on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter we rarely see the story behind the picture and what that picture means to a person, so I thought I would share my most favourite pictures and what they mean to me.

I love this picture of my two little darlings, they seem to spend so much time arguing and fighting that moments like this are rare, especially ones caught on camera!! We were on holiday last October and visiting the Eden project, so this photo not only reminds me that my children are actually capable of liking each other!!! but reminds of the amazing times we have on our adventures as a family.

This picture always makes me giggle, we were staying with family and the kids were happily playing in the garden with plastic buckets on their heads, the eldest was obviously pretending that his was a helmet and the youngest copying him, it just shows you don't always need expensive toys and gadgets, the simplest things can become anything a child sees it as.

This is a recent picture of my boys birthday celebration, family together, when asked what he wanted for his birthday this is what he asked for, a party at his favourite restaurant with family, that really meant a lot to all of us, and of course the chance to go to an all you can eat Chinese buffet never fails to make me happy!!

Dancing in the rain, the simple pleasures in life - need I say more!!!

Good friends, I am blessed with good friends that have been there through tough times and although we do not see each other as much as we like there will always be an unbreakable bond. My mummy friends who keep me sane with supplies of wine and reassurance its not just me!!!

I love my tattoos I had done with my sister, we don't see each other all the time as live in different  areas but we are closer than we ever were as kids.

Not the best quality picture but this is our first proper break away from the kids since having the youngest, luckily and thankfully to  family support it hasn't been the last, it has made such a difference to us to have the time out to ourselves to be us not mummy and daddy!!

Lastly our little family, we may argue, drive each other nuts, but we have the best adventures, the best memories for the kids to look back on and I guess they are not soo bad to live with, that is until 5 minutes time when all hell breaks lose again!!!