Wednesday 19 October 2016


We find ourselves now in the position of rediscovering our social lives, the kids are slightly less demanding of our physical presence 24/7, kind of have a regular bedtime routine... Although a little stressful at times still..see last post

So we decide yes lets have some adult time and be real people .....with proper names..yes i know quite strange isn't it!!!

However our experiences of social time pre children involved drinking our own body weight in vodka (and that's alot!!), passing out drunk and spending the following 24hrs either hugging the toilet or unable to move out of the while this was great fun at the time it really doesn't fit with dealing with children at 6am the following morning. Tried once ...never again.
The question is how do we do it then.....

Grown up socialising???  Dinner with friends...sensible drinks, home time before the babysitter locks us out of our own house??? We can do it....we are adults that can say no to that extra vodka...ok old habits are hard to break... But hey i didn't wake with a hangover so must be getting something right. 

Good food (feeds the soul the kids are determined to destroy), good company (of course), good conversation ( intellectual adult conversations...well for 10mins then i apologise to anyone within earshot of our table), moderate amounts of alcohol(like i say old habits...)

You know i reckon we are going to be good at this adulting business!!