Sunday 16 October 2016

Arghh its bedtime......

Every night is becoming the same blood pressure rocket launching nightmare!!!!

I was always the one (annoying)parent that gave you the advice... get a good bedtime routine... The nights of stress initially soon pay off and you are rewarded with blissful wine filled evenings from 7pm!!!!!

What the hell has happened??? Every night i am filled with dread when the clock ticks past tea time..the arguments at the table start the countdown to bed.. On to bath...oh my life ..they cannot keep water in the tub, or find the pyjamas i set out right under their bloody noses, tantrums as they are not the right shade of pink, it goes on...then you get a slight false sense of security as they sit quietly for 10 whole minutes during chill out TV time...the minute i utter the words 'time for brushing teeth' my head explodes!!! Screams,  tantrums, demands for more supper, drinks, lost puppies etc etc. And if i am utterly stupid enough to allow them in the bathroom together well i might just as well declare WW3!!

So by now i am slightly twitching with nerves, getting chest pains and palpitations from sky high blood pressure and really not the most calming influence!!

Let battle continue...finally i get the darlings into their beds...hahaha or so this point we remember the comfort toy desperately needed and cant possibly sleep without..although its buried  under a pile of teddies untouched for three months, the toilet trip they suddenly have to take..the story they pinkie promise will send them straight to sleep ( even the threat of pinkie falling off if lying fails to deter them!!), The 1000 kisses and cuddles they just have to give, although look like will burst into flames at any point during the day if i suggest a cuddle and kiss!!!

Ahhh i breathe a sigh as i leave the room, 'night night mummy i love you' ahh my angel 'mummy loves you too' see not so bad after all.....sucker!!!!

Before i get to the bottom stair the screams come....there's a crease in the sheet, there's a shadow on the wall, there's a spot on her chest (no its your nipple!!) Her eyes will not physically close they are now i have two options....carry on and fill wine glass or have a complete breakdown......and people wonder why i drink every night!!!!!!