Thursday 6 October 2016

Cloud pets - go get one

On a recent trip to the shops with my boy to spend his birthday money we inevitably end up picking up something for the youngest so she she doesn't feel left out when he turns up with bags of goodies, so we pick yet another my little pony up and think yep that'll do. On the way to the till we see a stand with a variety of lovely teddies and the sales assistant spots my second of interest and is on it!!
Now usually i would make excuses and avoid it but these were lovely looking and i could see had some other function than a standard teddy so i took a closer look.
Cloud pets - allow you to record and send messages to the teddy which can then be played by pressing the hand/ foot dependant on animal!!! Messages can also be recorded by the child through the pet.

This works through Bluetooth so adults can download the app which then links to teddy, messages are passed to and from teddy via Bluetooth. You can also send invites for family members to download the app and they can record and send messages via internet connection to the app on your phone, you are able to listen to the message before then sending to the teddy via Bluetooth... Recommended if you have anyone that may in a moment of drunken stupor think its funny to send message to pet!!! .....not that i would know about that ..........
So this totally captures my interest...and it was only £5.99, amazing!!!!! Bought and taken home to the delight of little girl, not expecting too much we set it up, a bit faffy connecting but got there...may just be me!!!

I cant believe how brilliant this is she absolutely loves it and is thrilled to receive messages off nanny and aunty... Especially during our recent hospital visit and operation recovery.
I was so impressed i got another online for my niece, as my brother is in the forces so thought would be a lovely way for him too send messages home just for her while on tour, she loved it too.
I would say a brilliant present that looks 5 times more expensive, so glad i came across it,would make an ideal Xmas present for young family members or friends.
Always happy to find a bargain!!!!

Sparkle the cat!!!!