Sunday 9 October 2016

What makes your perfect Sunday?

The perfect Sunday  - a day in bed???  A day in the pub??? A day with no kids??? (really, what's that??) Church???  Exercise??? (really do people spend their weekends doing exercise for fun??)

As a child I remember Sunday as being a family day, roast dinner, visit grandparents or just stay in and do 'family things', Sandwiches and trifle for tea followed by communal bath (there were four of us) and hair wash. Although we were probably not impressed we couldn't play out with our friends at the time, now its one of the things we remember most.

Once I left home and got a job in care that involved shift work Sundays often meant long hours working and if not working the pub, sometimes both!!! (oh the simple single life)

Now after having the darlings and changing my job to fit around the children we have our Sundays and both my partner and I are quite likeminded in trying to keep it as our family day, I love a Sunday roast, even better if eaten out!! And we try to find things to keep the kids entertained, especially things that cost little money and get them out the house while we still can, I think we have a few more years before the dreaded computer/ games console takes over their lives!!!

Today as it was a nice day we decided to throw a stew in the slow cooker instead of a roast and go on a picnic up in the mountains by a lake, the kids loved our little spur of the moment adventure.

Beautiful location for a peaceful picnic - until we arrived!!!!

Gate duties!

Our little Robin Hood

Could you find a better spot???

Such amazing views

We are lucky to have such amazing scenery on our doorstep to explore and appreciate and hope that the kids appreciate it too, lucky they are both outdoor kids...for now..

So what makes a perfect Sunday for you???