Tuesday 4 October 2016

While the world is sleeping....zzzzz

Its oh so quiet......i finally gave in at 6am and got up, i have been clock watching since 3am, two toilet trips and a trillion plumps of the pillow later i give up!! Nights like this remind me of the night feeds and broken sleep... Oooh shudder, i couldn't do that again. Luckily we are passed the 5am wake up time with the kids so its all quiet as i have my cup of tea, starting to feel like maybe i could nap now, typical as my day starts at 7am so no chance.
So what keeps you awake???

My problem is my mind just cannot switch off, if there is something unresolved i just cannot for the life of me close my eyes and forget about it, now i am not talking major relationship bust ups or anything quite so dramatic, no its usually something ridiculous like forgetting to do a shopping list!!!!
I have downloaded apps for relaxation, meditation you name it, no difference, so i often find myself lying there mentally writing that list, typing that email, until i have to get up and physically do it!!!
The more organised i try to be during the day seems to only make it worse as i just end up with a more organised tick list in my head which appears somewhat clearer and highlights the to do's!!!!!!

Since the sleepless nights with the kids and my ability to analyze the differences between every brand of toilet roll in the middle of the night, my tolerance of people who tell me they are tired after a few hours work, while living at home with mum, makes me want to punch them in the face.....its the one thing i cant help myself saying...."tired?? You wait til you have kids then you know what tired is"!!! Was that me or my mum that just spoke 😆😆

So any tips, sleep remedies, or even suggestions to distract my obsessive mind from list making, feel free to share...

Oh well time for the darlings to wake and register mummy's blank, dark circled eyes as the sign mummy hasn't slept again.....lets give her hell.....let the countdown to wine o clock begin, have a good day guys 💖