Wednesday 1 March 2017

Timeline games review and giveaway

I was asked to review two timeline games which fitted perfectly with my holiday away, although there was plenty of sunshine and activities on offer there are always times when we need to sit and chill and find some quiet activities to keep us occupied.  There are 6 traditional game themes to choose from, British History, Music and Cinema, General Interest, Science and Discoveries, Historical Events and Inventions as well as two Star Wars editions to choose from. I chose British History and Music and Cinema.

The kids still are loving the Dobble game we reviewed and played it most days as it was so easy for them both to play together with little adult supervision, and as with the timeline games they are small enough to put in your bag and take with you to fill any dull moment.

The timeline games were a great way for us all to sit as a family and play together, the youngest was a little young but enjoyed the family time and fun of the games, the eldest found the games interesting as he has an inquisitive nature and loves to learn new facts, and...... it tested our memories and knowledge, a great set of games to pass some time and spend some chilled family time....if the competitive nature doesn't take over!!

Music and Cinema was definitely my favourite, probably because it was the only one i had a chance of winning! I Loved the ease of setting up and playing these games which makes them so easy to take and play wherever you are going, in the bar of an evening we found was a great time to play whilst we waited for the kids entertainment to start and it was great that kids could learn facts in a fun, enjoyable way, while keeping us adults entertained. It was also something we continued once we got back and the kids had settled so really is a great all family game. We did not try to play more than one game set at a time to keep it simple for the kids, but it certainly is something we will try when we have friends over for a few drinks and bring out the games.

So what is a Timeline game?

Timeline is a card game played using 110 double-sided cards.

Each card depicts a historical event, invention or discovery on both sides, with the year in which that event occurred on only one side.  On your turn you must decide where to place one of your cards in the Timeline before turning it over to see if you are right. Correctly play all of your cards to win!

Combine two or more Timeline games to increase the fun!

How to play

Cards are shuffled and dealt ensuring date side is hidden at all times, the youngest player starts the game. The number of cards each person is dealt is dependent on the number of players so

2-3 = 6
4-5 = 5
6-8 = 4 

The more experienced you get or if you want a longer game you can increase the number of cards dealt, the rest of the cards are placed date side down and the top one is drawn as the starting card and placed with date side up.
The first player chooses one of their cards to place either before or after the event/ date of the starting card, once placed the card is turned to see if is in the correct place, if correct the card is left in play, if incorrect the player puts the card back in the tin and takes the top card off the deck pile, play then passes the player on the left, who places one of his cards in the position they think is correct, again once placed the date is shown and the card is either left in play or returned and the player receives another from the deck pile.
Play continues in 'rounds' until only one player has correctly played all their cards, if after a 'round' more than one player has placed all of their cards then they draw a card from the oile and continue until only one player has no cards left after each 'round'

Retail price is £13.99 each game and aimed at ages 8+
All games are available from Amazon and your local friendly game shop
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