Wednesday 8 March 2017

Never lose power - Varta Powerpack review

We recently went on holiday with the kids, one being apprehensive of flying, the other a little whirlwind. So it was with fingers crossed we hoped we would keep power to the kids tablets to have some distraction on the journey, especially the 4 hr flight, for the benefit of other passengers as well as ourselves! We try to balance screen time with outdoor or other activities but at times like travelling it is one thing that helps calm nerves and settle little ninja princesses!!!

Luckily i had been sent the Varta Family Power pack to review, and a god send it was too, the VARTA Family Powerpacks come in at a massive 6000mAh, 10400mAh and 16000mAh. Available  in stylish grey and white colour options, these power banks feature two USB ports; 1.0A for charging phones and MP3 players and a faster 2.4A port for tablets. The 16000mAh model will give up to six full smart phone charges. ARP £24.99. All Family Powerpacks are available from Amazon UK. The 6000mAh Family Powerpack is also available at B&Q, Homebase and Notcutts. 

Having dual charging function was great it meant that between the kids tablets, my iPad and the two mobile phones there was plenty of charge to keep us all going! Having used smaller cheaper models of power packs, this really impressed as it was quick, gave full charge and had the dual function ability, definitely a better product.

Having to reguarly check in with my emails and social media for the blog, the battery life on my phone never lasts the day so it is great to have something that can sit in my bag to top up and give a good charge to last until i get home especially at times when i am not in a place long enough to plug in to a wall charger, i have missed many a photo opportunity as the battery on my phone has died during the day but with the Varta powerbank that can be a thing of the past.