Friday 10 March 2017

Skates - Roller Skate review

I was really excited to receive an offer to review a pair of Roller skates from As a child this is something i loved, and remember spending many a day on my well loved roller skates, and as i got older heading off to the local roller disco (is that giving away my age!!) The roller disco is now seeing a revival which really excites me more than it probably should so what better time than now to invest in a pair. I knew my youngest would love them, she loves dancing and being active outdoors on her scooter so i couldn't wait to show her.

She was over the moon and couldn't wait to try them out, especially as they were pink!! Surprisingly she had really good balance and soon go the hang of skating, to a point she refused to take them off so spent a whole evening skating around the house! A real hit and some great memories were bought back for me (i even have a bit of Rick Astley playing in the back groung while i write). I think these will be her chosen mode of transport throughout the spring and summer and on if has the chance. We are lucky where we live to have some great places for her to go and practice and skate, so i am sure mummy will be get some extra exercise in the coming months too chasing after her!

The skates were really sturdy and of a good quality so there was no concern over her safety apart from any self induced injury!! They offered good ankle support and i am sure will take a lot of wear and tear, i am almost tempted to get myself a pair and join her, relive my youth and keep up with her!

Head over to the site and take a look, they offer a huge range of adult and children's skates including inline and ice skates, Heelys, scooters of all designs and ramps to practice jumps and skills, skateboards, balance boards and Segways, mini BMX bikes, Trikes, Skate shoes, clothing and accessories to keep your little ones protected while practicing their skills, as well as parts and accessories for all. Truly a one stop shop and really well priced too so no need to go anywhere else.