Wednesday 5 April 2017

Review and giveaway ZooHood animal onesie

I have a boy who loves his onesies, especially animal onesies, often seen discarding his school uniform and straight into his onesie as soon as he walks through the door from school.  Who can blame him though, i am always straight into my pyjamas at the first opportunity too. I have been checking out these cool ZooHood animal onesies, there are so many cute and original designs to choose from it was such a hard decision to pick just one!

I eventually decided on a monster onesie for my eldest to try out, which i thought would really appeal to him now he is all grown up and not into cute and cuddly animals anymore. Being a little bit of a monster himself also makes it quite suitable!

The first thing i noticed was the quality of the material, it is thick yet super soft and looks like it will take some use, definitely a must with the amount of wear it will get here. It has a popper front which for a boy (or grown up if fancy the adult version) is ideal for toilet use, especially when the weather is a little cooler at night, no having to fully open up the front. The onesie looks cool and would be a great dress up outfit for dress up day at school or just play but so snuggly it is the perfect sleepwear.

ZooHood also do the range in adult sizes too, so why stop at just the kids, the whole family can create their own ZooHood zoo! There are dogs, penguins, unicorns, giraffes, tiger, panda, bear and many many more animals to choose from. Take a look at their full range and i can guarantee there will be one for every member of the family, you can also enter the competition below to win one of your choice.

ZooHoo animal onesie giveaway