Friday 7 April 2017

Sip and Sound straws review

Do you worry about your child's teeth as they are emerging and growing, all the advice that they should avoid too much contact with sugary drinks and foods, avoid bottles, certain cups, it can all be so confusing and to add the problem a child that really isn't a big drinker can lead to parents becoming quite worried and anxious. We often spend a lot of money on trying all sorts of cups just to get our child to drink, i know my cupboard is always full of different styles of cups, more so when they were toddlers. Now its just some thing they will find appealing and fun.

That is where the Sip and sound straws are like nothing you will have tried before! They reduce contact time with those little teeth, they help avoid stains on the teeth and they make animal noises!! Yes your little one will be greeted with animal sounds as they sip away, encouraging them to drink more to hear the noise again and again and create some funky tunes as they experiment with the straws.

We took the straws to a play date and the kids had so much fun creating tunes with their friends, all the while increasing their fluid intake and having so much fun! I am sure these will be used for a long time to come and be a great party piece when anyone visits.
All the kids that tried them wanted to take a straw home and it made for some funny moments for us parents listening to the 'tunes' created. A real hit and novelty product for the kids, and a great fun way to encourage kids to drink more.

The Sip and sound straws come in four different designs, a horse, a pig, a cow and a sheep and the noises burst from the straws as the drink passes through them. The straws retail at £5.99 each and are available at