Friday 30 June 2017

The Cost Of Some Time To Yourself

Just five minutes peace… isn’t that something that we’ve all pleaded for when we've got young kids? The sound of banging toys and that toy remote control making some noise that can only be described as a broken airplane (?!) makes you briefly wish for the simpler days when they were so young that it was just a bit of crying that you could put up with. Time to yourself is vital, but the cost of it is something that is dismissed by many parents. They think that rather than put their kid in a crèche for a few hours that they'd rather save the money and push through, which will have an effect on their overall health. So, let’s strike the balance and look at what is financially viable, but also gives you a well-deserved break?

An Evening Out
Yes, the time away to let your hair down is what we all need on occasion, but a really good night out, whether you're partying with friends or having a sensible meal can set you back around £80 (around $100), which is a lot when you're tight on finances and looking to reduce your monthly outgoings and expenses. And, especially for one night, it might be quite a dent in your purse!

Building A Space For Yourself
Whether extending your property or building a space in the garden (many “man caves” are out the garden, so why not a “woman cave?”) is a financial option for you, it will add value to your home, and if you make a space that is just for you, it will give you the space you require to take a breath! And far from you making a fort for yourself, the steel building cost of what are almost like mini hangars vary in price depending on how much or little space you require. So if you don’t want to go through the rigmarole of planning permission and hiring builders, purchasing your own steel building might be the way to go. It’s somewhere you can go to for five minutes, and it’s not far away either!  

Heading To The Gym
And it’s not just the physical benefits you get from going to an exercise class or spending some time on the weights, but if you go with a friend, you can reap the social benefits too! So, by either going for a membership, it should give you the motivation to head to the gym a few times a week, or if you pay for a day’s membership, you're getting out of the house for a few hours and being sociable. This might be enough to get you recharged, but any evening pursuit might be enough to rejuvenate you and get you off the parent-child treadmill for a short while.

Time to yourself is important, but it’s how you spend that time. And we all recharge in different ways, but it’s vital to get that breathing space you want and need. It can require a bit of structuring, but it’s definitely worth investing in.