Friday 30 June 2017

Young Driver experience

We were invited to try out an Admiral Young Driver​ experience at the weekend, which I knew the eldest would love as he is just starting to show an interest in all things cars and racing.
Young Driver do two separate classes 5-10 year olds and 10-17 year olds.
As my eldest is only 7 we were booked into the 5-10 class. Luckily when we arrived at the Venue (Manchester) they had a spare slot for the second car so we able to pay and book the youngest (5) in too, she had been disappointed she wasn't going to be doing it so it made her day. 

In The 5-10 class the children are able to drive, with supervision, a small electric car (Firefly) my eldest loved this as he is a huge Thunderbirds fan and his imagination let him travel to Tracey island!!
After registration and signing in the instructors took the kids on a few laps around the course to guide them on how to drive the car, and as the course was laid out as a road using markers and signs they were able to identify common road signs and what they meant, use indications, experience junctions, a great introduction to driving and the highway code! Once happy the kids knew what they were doing we were able to 'co drive' with them. It was a really fun morning for the kids, something they both really enjoyed and talked non stop about all the way home! The experience was age appropriate for both the kids, i wondered initially if the youngest would manage and be able to complete the circuit but i had no concerns once i saw her behind the wheel, our little Penelope Pitstop (for those old enough to remember!)
At the end they were given a Young Drivers driving licence to keep, and I believe if presented at a future time they will progress and follow on with teaching other aspects of driving so a real ongoing activity if you wanted. 

At the venue we were greeted warmly and the registration process was simple and straight forward, the kids were shown patience and understanding so a really positive experience, one we have discussed repeating.
The 10-17 year olds are given lessons on the designated course (on private property which has been adapted in to a realistic road system ) with qualified driving instructors using learner vehicles so a really great and realistic introduction to driving which will surely allow them to gain worthwhile experience in preparation for legally being on the roads leading to safer more knowledgeable drivers. Young driver also offer the opportunity to have a lesson in a Bentley! Now that would be an experience.
As parents we were impressed with the Young Driver experience and would recommend to other parents. Take a little look at the video of the experience in the Firefly.

Prices start from £19.99 and gift cards are available, i think this would make a really great alternative gift and something to remember. There are over 40 venues throughout the UK so plenty of choice,  for more information head over to