Tuesday 27 June 2017

Wingz review

With the promise of summer starting a couple of weeks ago i went and dug out all my nice summer vests, sleeveless tops and dresses, only to discover it was to be short lived!
Although we can't claim it is cold it certainly is more than just a vest kind of weather so what to do with all my lovely summery tops, well I was kindly sent some 'Wingz' to try out. Wingz are a set of  sleeves you can wear under sleeveless tops that reduce the need to double up on layers! Amazing idea as it gives you so much more flexibility with choosing your outfit, simply slip on your Wingz under your sleeveless vest, dress or top and you have a whole new look.

They are also great for times you may have found a beautiful top but are just a little conscious of your arms as many are, slip these underneath for added comfort and confidence.
Wingz come in many different styles and colours, they have lace effect, flared sleeved or fitted so you will find something to suit any outfit you want casual or dressy. The lace Wingz really add a whole new look to a dress allowing you to glam up an old outfit, certainly cheaper than a whole new dress and are so much more comfortable and look so much better than adding a cardigan or shrug. 

I chose a simple black fitted set for versatility and simplicity, they are comfortable, easy to wear and fit well under many of my tops, really good to add extra warmth on a cooler day, cover up when I don't want to show my arms or simply add an extra layered element to my outfit, being just a set of sleeves rather than a whole extra layer I didn't get too warm or uncomfortable , they certainly are a great addition to my wardrobe and i am sure i will be investing in more especially the lace sleeves to add a twist to some of my dresses for evenings out.

Check out the full range of styles over on their site