Friday 28 July 2017

No Time To Leave The House? Ten Things You Should Always Have Delivered


Now mums are busier than ever, we need to find time savers wherever we can. The art of convenience hunting is something mums manage to master pretty quickly when they’re juggling a home, kids, and a career. You might find it in your choice of convenience gadgets. Perhaps you find it in your 5-in-1 beauty products? Perhaps one of the easiest ways to save time, energy and money is to shop online for delivery.

There are even more benefits to buying online. First, the stores are all open twenty-four hours a day, so you can order when it’s convenient to you. Secondly, it spares you the horror of traffic jams and parking. You can discreetly check competitor prices, and you can find out what other people thought of the products when you buy online. Perhaps most importantly, you have more rights to return when you order from an e-store.

We all know there is a huge variety of items that can be purchased from the internet. Here are ten types of purchases that you should definitely do online and enjoy all the convenience of home delivery:


Have you ever tried clothes shopping with a toddler or a pushchair? It’s almost impossible. It’s embarrassing, and you feel pressured into rushing. Then, of course, are those horrible changing cubicles with the artificial lighting and warped mirrors. You can’t be sure the outfit is right, and you can’t be certain it will match what you have at home.

Pic from Pexels

Buying your fashion online means you can try it on when you’re in a better place and a better mood to do so. It’s private, and you can take the time you need. If it’s not right, simply send it back. Many online retailers offer a free returns service.


Repeat prescriptions are a nuisance. You have to go to the doctor and fill out a form. Then you have to wait a few days for them to print it out. Then, of course, you have to wait for it to be delivered to your pharmacy of choice so you can then go and queue up for it the following day. When you’re after something like your contraceptive pill or insulin, it can be hazardous to wait. You have to time everything right. Where’s the convenience in that?

Pic from Pexels

Ordering your prescriptions online or picking up things like your Microgynon pill from an internet pharmacy means that it takes moments to do and will arrive in your letter box. No queueing or flustering. Most importantly, it reduces the risk of missing a pill or a dose of your medication.

Presents and Toys

Buying all your presents and toys for the kids online is so much better than struggling with the little darlings in the toy shop. Best of all, they arrive in a brown cardboard box. Simply open and wrap when the kids are in bed. Perfect.

Pic from Pexels


Ordering your weekly groceries to be delivered saves you having to wander the aisles with the children. You won’t be stuck perusing the toys or removing those packets of Starmix from the trolley. What you order is what you get, all without the hassle. This is ideal if you have a strict budget, or you’re just a sucker for gummies.

Fast Food

There is nothing fast about fast food when you have to strap the kids in the car, drive across town, get the kids out, queue up and wait for food to be prepared. Then you have to do it all in reverse! If you’re going to eat pizza for dinner, then get on with your evening while you wait for it to turn up to your door, hot and ready to eat.

You can easily convince the kids to finish their homework, set the table, and feed the dog in time for the doorbell to ring. And choosing a takeaway delivery once in awhile certainly does save you the hassle of cooking and washing up!

Cards and Flowers

Soggy flowers that fall apart in your car and cards you have to find stamps and post boxes for? These are pet peeves for a lot of people. Thankfully, there are now more online stores than ever before that will manage your delivery for you. Simply pick what you want to send, input the recipient’s home address, and press buy it now. No guilt, and no hassle.

Pic from Pexels

Appliances and Electricals

If you’ve ever bought this type of thing from the high street, then you’re familiar with the agony of aching arms from carrying a heavy appliance to the car. Delivery is always the way to go with anything that arrives in a big box or weighs more than your handbag. It’s less likely to get damaged too!

School Uniform

It’s so embarrassing when your kids choose to have a full-on sulk in the school uniform shop. We know they don’t like to wear it. They don’t have to make sure everybody knows it quite so loudly! Have it delivered, and check it at home when they’re in a better mood.


There is something wonderfully nostalgic about receiving a letter. Bills? Not so much. But a handwritten letter from a friend equals happiness. Go on and send someone something. Of course, you can always choose to go postless and send an email. Why not handwrite it and photo it to send as an email attachment? Too much?

New Phone

Sales people that are pushing for their commission drive most mums to distraction. Getting a new phone is perhaps the worst for it. They want to sell you a big tariff you really don’t need. You just want a fresh new phone. Order it online, complete with the tariff you want and enjoy that happy doorbell chime when it arrives.

There is a lot to be said for the convenience of internet shopping. Perhaps it will help you enjoy those rare high street or shopping mall excursions a little more? Happy shopping!